Geo BS201 Bella Special Violet

Geo BS201 Bella Special Violet
Brand: Geo Medical
Product Code: BS201
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Bella Special
Yearly Disposable
0.00 Plano (Non-prescription lenses)
All lenses will be provided with an Instruction for Use pamphlet and a free contact lens case to store your
lenses after use. Remember to soak your lenses in solution (can be purchased at any local Pharmacy or
supermarket) for at least 10 hours prior to use.
  Maconii is an authorised retailer for Geo Medical  Lenses
Buy with confidence 

Note: All cosmetic/contact lenses sold by Maconii are certified and approved by KDFA (Korea), FDA (United
States), and TGA (Australia). However this is still a medical device so all products must be used and treated
properly, otherwise you may cause damage to your eyes. In order to use colour cosmetic/contact lenses
safely and comfortably, please receive an optical check up at your Optometrist before use, and follow all
instructions given by them. Please also carefully read the "Caution in Usage" and "Manual" prior to use.
This includes keeping contacts clean and washing them with solution (do not use water!) after every use,
and not using them after their expiry time/date. Do not share cosmetic lenses with others. Stay safe and
always protect your eyes. If you have any questions, please ask before purchasing or using your products. 

Lenses are recommended to be only used for 3-6 month with very good care. Do not risk your eyes.

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